"Where the Bloody Hell is Port Stephens," you ask?

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that question - I'd own a bigger brewery! But rest assured, I still wouldn't brew a blander beer.

We are blessed to be brewing our little miracles in one of the best parts of our beautiful country.

Great beaches  including the largest single stretch of moving sand dunes in the southern hemisphere (Stockton Beach). Beautiful clean, blue water. Stacks of Bottlenose dolphins. Record numbers of whales this season! To go with our ales!!! Can't get this at Abbotsford.

Just over 2 hours drive from Sydney (and worth every minute) - or 15minutes drive from Newcastle Airport - you're stark, raving mad if you don't visit. There's too much to talk about to talk about it all here. So trust us. Come and experience this amazing part of the world for yourselves.You wont' be disappointed.

And if it does happen to rain - then spend ALL day at the Brewery!

If you're one of those anally retentive people who likes to research everything first, we suggest you visit www.portstephens.org.au

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