Murray’s Craft Brewing Co has an ambition to become an industry leader in environmental and social sustainability.  By expanding on Murray’s slow beer approach to crafting great flavoured beers, we’re creating a vibrant community aimed at creating a zero waste/carbon negative brewery and vineyard.

In our first steps on this journey, we are redefining the way our food, grape and grain are brought together and presented at the Cellar Door.

Head Chef Adam RitchieFood

Building on our passion for local and seasonal produce, Murray’s will grow on site and source the best local small grower produce to create a proudly “locavore” menu. Major ingredients will have been sourced from within 160km of Murray’s Cellar Door. This will significantly reduce the transport and packaging footprint of food served at the Cellar Door. 

Capitalising on the fantastic growing conditions at Bobs Farm a new vegie and also herb garden has been established to produce fresh produce for the kitchen.

Grape and Grain

At Murray’s we already employ the most eco-friendly of take home beer systems, the “Growler”. This enables beer lovers to take home draught beer in refillable bottles that can be bought back and filled again and again. We’re exploring similar ideas for our wines. 

Murray’s also recently called for a national refundable deposit system on drink containers (see article and press release).

We give away our spent grain to our local animal park, Oakvale Farm and Fauna World. The grain gets used to feed some of their animals. 

Waste and cleaning

With our zero waste targets and local ingredient policies, we ultimately are aiming to produce only organic waste from the Cellar Door. We recently conducted our first waste audit and have set targets for recycling and reducing inorganic waste.

Energy and Carbon Footprint

We've also undertaken an audit of energy use and new strategies are being deployed to reduce energy use. Where possible heat waste will be harnessed and used elsewhere.

Social Investment and Community

Murray’s team is being encouraged to get involved with creating Australia’s most sustainable brewery. By building a sense of pride and ownership in “brewing beer better” the Murray’s team will become our most effective ambassadors in sharing our stories with beer and wine lovers who visit the Cellar Door.

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